Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I spent my secondary school years at Up Holland Grammar school, where I discovered dressmaking.  We used singer hand machines and occasionally a treddle machine.  The first item I made was an apron for domestic science.  

I loved sewing and couldn't wait to buy my first machine.  I earned about £5 per week delivering newspapers for the local shop and my mum agreed to purchase a sewing machine for me on 'tic' from a nearbye electrical retailers. It cost me £2.50 per week for almost a year, but it was worth every penny. The machine was a Jones model which did basic straight and zig-zag stitch. I spent hour after hour sewing lines until they were perfectly straight; zig-zagging edges; and making buttonholes.  At the same time I saved all my other money every week until I had enough to buy fabrics. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More about early influences ...

I was lucky I think to be surrounded by creative people: firstly my Ganga, then my mum, dad, nan, Auntie Joan and then my primary school!   Lamberhead Green was a hotbed of creativity.  I learned how to make mosaics by placing tiles on a glass bottle ; adding wire, bulb holder etc to make a lamp - what a wonderful experience - and the lamp really worked!  I think I was about 9 or 10 years old. Later,  I remember being taught how to knit.  My first project was a small teddy bear in chocolate brown wool.  I laugh now to think how amazed I was to knit the row that joined together the two legs I had already prepared!!!!  I loved my bear.
In my home town of Wigan in Lancashire there used to be a 'Summer Fair' every year in the local park.  It was organised by the local authority and each school in the area could enter pupils' work into different categories. Pupils and families would then go to view the displays and prizes would be duly awarded.  I still have the collage clown picture I made at about aged 10 years with the entry label firmly attached.  Sadly, I don't rmember winning a prize, but I think the memories of the occasion are worth far more!
Next time - my creativity discovers a new talent when I go to Grammar school and take up a Dessmaking 'O' Level. (GCSE equivalent today I supose) ...

Monday, 10 January 2011


Hi - welcome to my site - hopefully you will find something interesting.  I intend to reflect on my life so far - particularly a life of  crafting and gardening. I love making things and always have done. I try to involve myself in something creative every single day.  My head is filled with ideas and a longing to make them a reality. I believe that I was born with a gift that is meant to be shared with others.
One way of sharing is to teach - and this is a large part of my life - as I am a teacher - and have been for over 25 years! Now I am learning about a new way - through this site. 
Over the weeks, months, years ahead I hope to share some of my work.