Saturday, 6 August 2011

Romanian Travels

For the past month I have been living in Iasi, Romania, with my sister-in-law's family... and I still have 3 weeks to go.  It has been an amazing, life changing experience. I have experienced highs and lows; laughter and tears; extremes of heat; meeting new people; learning a new language and customs; getting to know my way around a very large city; shopping and sight seeing; long train and coach journeys; swimming in the Black Sea; the crumbling concrete constructions from the Communist era; poverty and wealth; family and neighbourly love ... and much, much more.

I feel so fortunate to be able to spend this time here ... to live with a family who treat me as a daughter, sister and friend.  I know that I am homesick too ... missing my children, grand children and especially my darling husband of 32 years, who I have never left behind for so long, but I also know that it will break my heart to leave here.  I have found peace here - something that has been missing in my life for a number of years now because of ill health  bereavement, being bullied at work and losing my job.   There is no pressure on me here to do anything or be anyone other than myself.

For much of my time, I have been indulging myself in some of the crafts that I love - crochet and tatting.  I have designed and made new pieces  and shared them with friends. I have designed new patterns for bobbin lace and developed ideas about what I want my future to be like.

If you follow this blog - then God Bless you and keep you safe.
More to follow soon.