Tuesday, 20 September 2011

2nd stop - journey home: DEBRECEN

The roads in the Romanian mountains can be particularly poor, but often because of roadworks... so our next leg took a little longer than anticipated!  We arrived in Debrecen, Hungary to the Best Western Hotel.  What a lovely place.  Only one night here, but I would stay again.  There are some beautiful buildings and the people were extremely friendly.
The only downside for me was that I could not find any examples of handmade Hungarian lace.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Beginning the Journey Home: CASTLE DRACULA HOTEL

Well I said it - leaving Romania was so hard .. but I am DEFINITELY going back next year.   I had the most amazing time.  However, leaving Dave at home for over 6 weeks was very difficult and I'll never leave him for so long again. It was fantastic to see him when he finally arrived in Iasi and I'm so happy that he loved it there too.
We had the journey of a lifetime on our way home.  Our first stop was Dracula's Castle Hotel, Bistrita, Romania.  Dave had booked all the hotels for the trip and here we had the honeymoon suite for one night!  Dave had kept it a secret and it was very special, especially as we never had a honeymoon. The rooms were beautiful but the views were to die for!
The hotel is set in the mountains, high up overlooking the village.  The architecture is worth seeing, as is the internal décor.  In the basement, of course, they have Dracula's coffin .. for a unique experience!  There are creaking doors; beautiful paintings and a fabulous restaurant with a patio balcony with views to remember for a lifetime.  We were so lucky to visit this place and I would recommend it to anyone!