Tuesday, 11 October 2011

4th stop Journey Home: VIENNA

We left Budapest after two wonderful nights to head for Vienna ... what a let down!  I must admit there were some really good parts - the fabulous Hotel Stephanie; the concert at the Hofburg on the 2nd night; some beautiful buildings; but I hated the city!  It was very claustrophobic ... never in my life have I seen so many people in one place, and all the buildings seem to be exactly the same.  I know it's an exaggeration, but that's how I found it. Also the main street along the canal side was awash with fast food places and it stank! I hate the smell of fast food at the best of times, but this seemed overwhelming, and to top it all,  the seating under the trees was covered in so much bird sh*t you couldn't sit down!  I wanted to find some examples of Viennese lace - but it eluded me. I don't think I will go back, but am glad I have been - for the experience!

A precious new grandson

Well ... what a week!  A new grandson is born - Matthew James - weighing in at 71b3and half oz.  He is beautiful.  Am still trying to sort out my holiday photos, which is taking far too long - but should finish soon!  
Have been busy making things - crochet mainly, and have so many design ideas don't think I'll ever get them all done.  Just finished a baby bunting and cardigan for my new grandson  and 2 crochet baskets and am working on a hairpin shawl, bobbin lace picture, crochet fruit and a cardigan.  No rest for the wicked (or madwoman)!

3rd stop - Journey Home: BUDAPEST

Our journey through Hungary was lovely ... then we arrived in Budapest! Wow! What more can I say - an absolutely amazing place - quite possibly the most beautiful city I have been to.  The photographs give a good overview - but if I could recommend anywhere to visit in the world (outside the UK that is) then it would be here!  We had 2 amazing nights, but I unfortunately had a little accident! I fell down 2 steps onto a tiled floor in the hotel spa and my knee came up like Mt Vesuvius!  I had to miss out on a cruise on the Danube .. sitting with my leg up in the hotel room - lots of ice! I made Dave go though so that I could at least experience the photographs!  The 2nd day was very painful walking, but nothing would deter me from seeing more of this amazing city.