Tuesday, 11 October 2011

3rd stop - Journey Home: BUDAPEST

Our journey through Hungary was lovely ... then we arrived in Budapest! Wow! What more can I say - an absolutely amazing place - quite possibly the most beautiful city I have been to.  The photographs give a good overview - but if I could recommend anywhere to visit in the world (outside the UK that is) then it would be here!  We had 2 amazing nights, but I unfortunately had a little accident! I fell down 2 steps onto a tiled floor in the hotel spa and my knee came up like Mt Vesuvius!  I had to miss out on a cruise on the Danube .. sitting with my leg up in the hotel room - lots of ice! I made Dave go though so that I could at least experience the photographs!  The 2nd day was very painful walking, but nothing would deter me from seeing more of this amazing city.

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