Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas is coming ......!

Well, it's a few weeks since my last blog - mainly because I've been ill and partly because I have had crap WIFI connection where we are living right now ... in our caravan .. which is most of the time!  I love it here - a much simpler life - leaving lots of 'crafting time'.  I have finished a few things for Christmas, including: a hooded sweater for Pip (number 3 grandson); sweater for Michael (number 1 grandson); a gift for my dear daughter-in-law, 'Angry Bird' hats for my number 1 and 2 grandsons for birthdays; an Irish crochet lace yoke for a blouse (for ME) etc etc.

I know it's the first tme I have mentioned our caravan, but I do really love it here and wish it could be full time (watch out for the future!!!). Everything is so simple and much more environmentally friendly ... I know what you're thinking ..well no-one says we HAVE to live in a house and NO it IS NOT cold! There is so much to do here and still not enough hours in a day.  You simple cannot beat waking up to glorious sunshine in a place like this! (We 'live' on a farm site and it's so peaceful)  The days are spent enjoying the scenery, walking, talking to my other half (yes we actually talk) and lots and lots of making and designing!  

Check out my Crochet, Tatting, Sewing, Romanian Point Lace and  General Crafts pages for samples of my work so far!


  1. I love your blog Andrea! Never knew you had one until I joined networked blogs! You were always so clever at art & making things! I remember being mad at you once in Mr Rickards class because you beat me in some competition he painted a lovely flower that had graduating circles of a shade that got deeper & deeper. My painting paled in much so that I don't even remember what mine was! So where is your caravan?

  2. Thanks Glenys - you don't do too badly yourself. We all have our talents - just in different ways. You have a great talent for inspiring people. I love your Blog. It always amazes me how you develop your ideas and link them. Our caravan is on a little farm site near Burscough ... so not too far away from home! x