Thursday, 15 December 2011


Well, haven't been around lately as I have been ill.  I slipped a disc and had spinal surgery on Tuesday evening!  The pain has been horrendous, but thanks to a wonderful neurosurgeon, it has almost gone.  I still have some nerve damage in my left leg, which is quite painful and the op site is very sore (to be expected), but I already feel 100% better.  Will be a couple of weeks before I get back to making bobbin lace, but at least I can crochet and tat.
It's amazing what challenges life throws at you, and I have had my fair share and more over the past 10 years, but life goes on and I see every day now as a new challenge ... something to strive for is a wonderful thing .. and I want to live a good life to be able to enjoy my wonderful family. I am sooo lucky to have a wonderful husband, who tirelessly looks after me every day, without any complaint ... despite working full time!  He calls home every day to make my lunch and leaves my breakfast and pills out every morning for me.  He's done all the washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning etc for a couple of months now ... that kind of love can never be repaid .. but boy will I give it a good go when I am well again!