Sunday, 8 January 2012

Well - I am still recovering from my surgery.  The problem I have now is nerve pain.  It's an awful type of pain that never lets up.  Am on my 4th trial of pain relief and use a TENs machine, heat, gels etc in between ... but what can I do - just gotta carry on!

The hardest thing is  not being able to concentrate on anything for very long, but I have added some more pics to the Bobbin lace design page and the tatting page - check them out!  I got some gorgeous yarns for Christmas from my family and am busy designing something for me .... makes a change!! I'm also taking part in a 'Ravelry' challenge to make a crochet 'Granny square' every day of this year - see crochet page!

Seems strange not being able to drive my car - it's been stood there for over 2 months now, but I'm trying focus on my crafts as much as I can so I hope there will be more to add quite soon.

Yesterday wasn't  too bad, apart from my football team (Wigan Athletic) being dumped out of the FA Cup.  My son and his family came to visit for a couple of hours.  It always good to see them, especially my number 2 grandson!  He is just 4 years old and like a whirling Dervish round the house, eating all he can lay hands on ... such as, the grapes my hubby bought for me just this afternoon!!!  He's at a wonderful age -so fascinating! Later today, my daughter and her family will be visiting.  She now has 3 boys, age 10, almost 2 and nearly 4months.  Can't wait!

Anyway - I think my bed is calling me, so I'll sign off for a while x