Saturday, 18 February 2012

Heading for Malta!

Only one more sleep and Dave and I will be heading for Malta!   Ten days of relaxation awaits us.  We are both ready for a break as it's been a difficult time lately.  The packing is almost finished ... just last minute bits like phone chargers etc to add. I've packed my tatting shuttles, some hooks and threads so hopefully I can make a few more lacy bits!   I am looking forward to seeing some Maltese lace and other crafts and taking heaps of photos.

I'm still making good progress health-wise, but had a pain relapse yesterday, which threw me ... I just didn't have the patience to be bothered with anything!  Today is a little better and I'm looking forward to my daughter and her family visiting later on.  They are staying for tea, which is Boeuf Bourginogne (not sure about the spelling!)- currently in the Crock pot.

 I'm going to hoover and polish the lounge after lunch, then settle down for a while to do a bit more work on my bobbin lace butterfly design project.

Will have lots of photos and more to share when I return.

God Bless x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Madwomanlace.: Loss of the Tatting Goddess

Madwomanlace.: Loss of the Tatting Goddess: Today I heard the very sad news that Gina Brummet has passed away.  Her tatting blog is ...

Loss of the Tatting Goddess

Today I heard the very sad news that Gina Brummet has passed away. Her tatting blog is
I didn't know Gina personally, but followed her blogs and was astounded at the quality of her beautiful work. R.I.P. Gina. You and your family will be in my prayers.  :(

Monday, 13 February 2012

Bobbin Lace Design

I have added the next stage in my Butterfly design.  I never make things easy for myself with my bobbin lace designs as, for one thing, my use of colour means many more thread ends to weave in. Not that I'm complaining ... I find it very relaxing and love knowing that my work has a secure finish to it.  Also, the threads I choose don't always 'work' as well as they might. For example, the silver thread used for the leaves in the top wings stretches a little and so it is difficult to get the tension right! I'm happy with the finished result thus far though.
Oh well, I better get to bed before my hubby gets up for work!!!!!

Tatting latest!

I have decided to join a new tatting challenge: A Tat-a-long by UMI & TSURU. The pattern is by Ruth Scharf and we are making flower sets. followed by leaves.  I decided to take part because this pattern will make me practice my tension, and keep me tatting whilst I complete other non-tatted lace projects! See my Tatting page for more details and photos. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tatting and Back on the Road!!!

At last I have my wheels back!!! I am on new meds and the pain is sufficiently numbed to enable me to drive again ... it's wonderful to know I don't have to rely on anyone else.    It's been a 'funny' couple of weeks though, getting used to the new medication ... for over a week now, I seem to have done nothing but sleep!!!

 It seems such a long hard road to get back to normality, but this is the beginning.  Next week I start physiotherapy on my leg to hopefully help the neuropathic pain I have been left with following my spinal surgery.  I am getting stronger every day and my energy levels are rising fast.

 Dave and I have been busy de-cluttering the house over the last couple of days and visiting our son and daughter and their families. It was lovely to see them all, especially our 4 darling grandsons.

Recently I have been working on my crochet and developing my tatting skills ... see my pages!

Bye for now ... a nice bottle of red is calling!! ;)