Saturday, 18 February 2012

Heading for Malta!

Only one more sleep and Dave and I will be heading for Malta!   Ten days of relaxation awaits us.  We are both ready for a break as it's been a difficult time lately.  The packing is almost finished ... just last minute bits like phone chargers etc to add. I've packed my tatting shuttles, some hooks and threads so hopefully I can make a few more lacy bits!   I am looking forward to seeing some Maltese lace and other crafts and taking heaps of photos.

I'm still making good progress health-wise, but had a pain relapse yesterday, which threw me ... I just didn't have the patience to be bothered with anything!  Today is a little better and I'm looking forward to my daughter and her family visiting later on.  They are staying for tea, which is Boeuf Bourginogne (not sure about the spelling!)- currently in the Crock pot.

 I'm going to hoover and polish the lounge after lunch, then settle down for a while to do a bit more work on my bobbin lace butterfly design project.

Will have lots of photos and more to share when I return.

God Bless x


  1. Have a lovely trip! Would you be willing to share your boeuf bourgignonne recipe-I love crock pot dinners and BB?

  2. AWE - sorry I didn't get back to you Michelle, but life and accidents took over!!! My recipe was just a traditional dish, thrown into the crockpot. Everyone enjoyed it, but ME? ... no way I am a confirmed veggie!!!! ;)