Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tatting and Back on the Road!!!

At last I have my wheels back!!! I am on new meds and the pain is sufficiently numbed to enable me to drive again ... it's wonderful to know I don't have to rely on anyone else.    It's been a 'funny' couple of weeks though, getting used to the new medication ... for over a week now, I seem to have done nothing but sleep!!!

 It seems such a long hard road to get back to normality, but this is the beginning.  Next week I start physiotherapy on my leg to hopefully help the neuropathic pain I have been left with following my spinal surgery.  I am getting stronger every day and my energy levels are rising fast.

 Dave and I have been busy de-cluttering the house over the last couple of days and visiting our son and daughter and their families. It was lovely to see them all, especially our 4 darling grandsons.

Recently I have been working on my crochet and developing my tatting skills ... see my pages!

Bye for now ... a nice bottle of red is calling!! ;)

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