Monday, 30 July 2012

To blog or not to blog that is the question!!!

It's been a while since my last blog due to all sorts of reasons.  Partly it is to with the normal stresses of life (family and other commitments etc) and partly because I have been wondering whether I actually want to blog at all!!! I think I still do, although the debate still rages on in my head.
             Sometimes I think that 'baring my soul' on the internet is a mistake, but then I read soooo many blogs that inspire me in sooooo many ways and I think ... maybe I will carry on in the hope that someone else may be inspired by my work and words!   My main aim in life has always been to teach - to pass on my skills and knowledge about the crafts that I love.  I believe that God has given me the ability to be creative, together with a love of teaching.

All that being said ... now to bring life up to date!   My dear husband Dave has been recovering for the last 2 months from shoulder surgery.  He snapped his shoulder tendon as the result of a fall in Malta.  Actually, it was on Gozo (a beautiful island), but not a lucky place for Dave!!  We had been staying in Mellieha on the main island and had had a hire car delivered that particular morning. Dave, being Dave wanted to get a move on to catch the ferry that was almost ready to leave so we rushed down to the dock (only 5 minutes from our hotel) just in time to get aboard.  Dave went on deck to take photos and I bought coffees.  Only minutes later he came inside, looking like a drowned rat!!!! A wave had come over the side and soaked everyone on deck ... not a good start - especially as one of his prize Canon cameras got wet!!! ;)  His fall happened soon after we landed when he was walking down to a small harbour to take photos!  Later, we parked the car in Victoria, but when we got back we had a parking ticket!!!!!!! All in all - NOT a good day!!!

I have been busy finishing various projects (photos to follow), including a piece of lace for my youngest grandson's baptism. I also finished my lace butterfly.
          My next design project will be a wedding shawl for my daughter in crochet - so watch out for details!

At the moment I am busy with my family, above all my 4 grandsons! I am also completely enthralled by the Olympics ... especially this afternoon's men's team gymnastics. A bronze medal for us is amazing!