Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gorgeous Grandsons!

Since my last blog, I have done little of anything, except look after some of my grandsons!!!   Alfie is my son's son and Pip is my daughter's 2nd child. Alfie (aged 4) and Phillip (Pip) (aged 2) stayed over the other night at the caravan.  I love having them stay, even though I need to be on watch 24/7 for any cheeky misdemeanors!!!!  I just love watching them play together and listening to the cute conversations!  Pip's speech is developing at the speed of light and he's changing how he says things all the time. This week, Dandad (Grandad) has become Dwandwan and he is experimenting with calling me Nanny (usually Nana)- which amuses him endlessly!!! As is the norm with little lads, Alfie got in a bit of trouble when mummy came to collect him and he began to cry.  All afternoon thereafter, Pip was repeatedly saying 'Poor Alfie, twying' .... so cute!! He loves his cousin dearly :)

So, I took Pip home yesterday and his place has now been usurped by his older brother Michael (aged 10). Michael has come to the caravan on holiday for a week and today is a 'bonding day' with grandad. They have gone fishing (6 a.m. this morning) and I have peace and quiet to try and get some more done on my main crochet project of the moment - a 'freeform' cardigan; and of course, catch up on my blog!!!! Back to the crochet NOW!!!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012


My friend Sue and I have just spent the past 2 days visiting a dear friend, whom we haven't seen for 15 years! It has been a fantastic 2 days in Llandudno (North Wales), meeting up with Gill and her partner Gill ... two of the loveliest women I know!   Isn't it amazing how the years just roll away when you meet old friends?  It's been too long, but we won't let it happen again!  
       We shared many memories and caught up on news and were shown the most amazing views of the area. Sue and I were made to feel so welcome and loved....thank you Gill & Gill!! :):)

I had forgotten what a beautiful place Llandudno is, not having been there for many years. These photos show some typical scenes, but YOU really need to visit!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Overlay Crochet Mandalas - just love them!!!!! :)

a teaser!!!!!
Check out my crochet page for my latest venture with a hook!!!   I tried a design from 'Crochet Masterclass' yesterday and today I have started a new design I have posted the pattern so far and this will be FREE to anyone interested, but I would love feedback please when you try  the pattern. Also any pics too!! Happy crocheting!!! :):):)

Life can be so tragic! :(

A week ago today, a young man of 17 years was laid to rest (following a tragic accident) and today I heard of the tragic death of a 19year old woman!!! Both of these young people were taught by me in primary school and their deaths have deeply saddened me. Sometimes I really have to wonder about the purpose of life and what is God's purpose for us all!
       In the face of tragedy such as this, I am mindful of God' s eternal love and that we will all, one day, be in a better place, but I STILL have my doubts:(  I don't know how my feelings will ultimately be resolved, but in the meantime,  I am very grateful that I knew them both and in some small way contributed to their all too short lives. A few years ago, I almost lost my own life and now try to enjoy every day in the best way I can. Some days it doesn't work, but most days are a true blessing.