Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Life can be so tragic! :(

A week ago today, a young man of 17 years was laid to rest (following a tragic accident) and today I heard of the tragic death of a 19year old woman!!! Both of these young people were taught by me in primary school and their deaths have deeply saddened me. Sometimes I really have to wonder about the purpose of life and what is God's purpose for us all!
       In the face of tragedy such as this, I am mindful of God' s eternal love and that we will all, one day, be in a better place, but I STILL have my doubts:(  I don't know how my feelings will ultimately be resolved, but in the meantime,  I am very grateful that I knew them both and in some small way contributed to their all too short lives. A few years ago, I almost lost my own life and now try to enjoy every day in the best way I can. Some days it doesn't work, but most days are a true blessing. 

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