Sunday, 16 September 2012

Special times with dear friends in Michigan

For the past 2 weeks my dear hubby and I have been the guests of our dear friends Glenys and David. Glenys and I have known each other since infant school, so that's a very, very long time!  For the past 12 years they have lived in Michigan, where David is a Methodist Pastor.  They now live in Grand Rapids, a lovely city, in a beautiful state, in an even more beautiful home.
We have been taken to some wonderful places, including: Mackinac Island, Traverse City, Shipshewana (Amish country in Indiana) and even ventured out alone to visit Meier Gardens and South Haven.
 Glenys was brave enough to loan us her car and our first trip out was to Meier Gardens. Getting there was no problem, but on the way back, we decided to use the  GPS and tapped in 'HOME'!  We are so used to doing that at home, we never gave it a thought. Unfortunately, Glenys and Dave's not only has a dodgy screen, but was set for the centre of Grand Rapids city!  We had no map and nowhere to pull over and it was several minutes before we were back on track. Traveling on the freeway for the first time and ending up in a big city centre is a little scary! Dave was his usual calm self, despite having me sat next to him!  
Our second trip out to SouthHaven was much more successful!

We have seen some beautiful places, had a picnic on David's boat (which he built himself);shared good food with dear friends and new ones and have felt so welcome and loved everywhere we have ventured.