Thursday, 2 July 2015

Life and it's ups and downs!

When I started this blog, I had the intention of making regular posts, etc, etc.  Unfortunately, life doesn't always allow us to do what we want.  At the moment, I am struggling to deal with various health issues; working on a L3 City & Guilds in Craft Design Embroidery; helping my children by looking after my grandchildren (one of whom is autistic) and my husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  We all have our good times and bad; our crosses to bear and events that distract and deflect our good intentions.  I am not complaining about my 'lot in life' as I believe things are meant to be and will make me a better person. I just wanted to 'show my face' really and say I am still here and still designing and will eventually find the time to blog more often!   Wishing everyone good health and happiness and happy crafting, whatever you do xxxx

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